Harmonic Presence Online Program

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Music of the Spheres of Being Silent Ground , Contemplative Awaress, Harmonic Accompaniment of All That Arises

The HARMONIC PRESENCE ONLINE PROGRAM is comprised of individualized online sessions with David Hykes, based on the musical, healing, spiritual, and scientific dimensions of this work, attuned to the specific needs and possibilities of each participant. The aim is to share the Harmonic Presence work and Harmonic Chant practices with you in an effective and inspiring way. The main aim of these teachings and this music is to nourish your search for essential harmony, realization, and awakening.

The Program allows participants of all levels of experience in musical, spiritual and meditative studies to work with David through live online sessions, e-mail course work, and audio exchange. Participation in the Program can serve as a complement to participation in the regular Harmonic Presence retreats and seminars, and as a stand-alone study program. The Program covers key aspects of both the universal music known as the Harmonic Chant, as well as key points of the meditative, healing, and daily practices and principles of the Harmonic Presence work.

Students wishing to join the program can send a letter of intent expressing their aspirations, as well as summarizing previous musical, spiritual and/or other studies and experiences they feel relevant to being in the program.

The study program begins with a first exchange by e-mail, phone call, or meeting to discuss the
Harmonic Chant and the Harmonic Presence work and establish a study plan, specific to the person
 and in light of what the Program offers and requires. A main aim of the program is to help the participant develop a personal, evolving practice for both during the program and after.

Each live online session with David Hykes introduces a chapter of work, to be started during the session, and continued by the student over the weeks until the next session. Each online session lasts an hour or more, and is recorded and sent as an audio file for the student for download. There s extensive follow-up as necessary between sessions, by e-mail, Internet audio files, and/or telephone. Participants accepted into the Program are in regular contact with David Hykes and receive regular course support, feedback and counsel.

Each session cycle typically takes 2-3 weeks, and a complete 8-lesson “Octave” Cycle, 3-6 months. Time to listen, time to practice (repeat until Enlightenment)!

Tuition for the Cycle is $1300 or 1200 euros; half is due at registration, and the balance within 60 days. A 3% deduction is available for paying the full amount at registration. Payments can be made
by check, by bank wire, or PayPal (3% additional fees apply). Individual sessions are $170 or 160

For more information, call us at: +33 6 40 48 77 23 (France)
or email us: harmonicworld@gmail.com