"David Hykes has opened a new dimension in music: he has in fact brought us the music of the spheres. Quite literally it is the music of overtones, of proportions and multiplications which hold sway throughout the universe and govern all spatial and mathematical relationships. As music, these wondrous sounds retain an extraordinary mystery, which would, as I always say, be appropriate for a landing on Mars or the moon, for they do not belong to man. They have not to be worked by him and must make every listener feel humble and yet part of the great system.

"Harmonique/Centre offers concerts, seminars, retreats, school and conservatory lectures and residencies all over the world, and is therefore spreading a form of knowledge which joins the sciences at their most intangible level, where what appears as matter turns out to be energy. Finally, this music which David Hykes brings us, from the harmonic series, being, as he says the musical DNA, the source of the music we know, which gives us life, also provides an extraordinary "Genesis Chapter" for musical education at all levels."

--the late Lord Yehudi Menuhin.

TESTIMONIALS about David Hykes's HARMONIC PRESENCE gatherings:


"Through David's insightful guidance, I was led to a place where I had a glimpse of the vibratory universe, my place in the streaming of that, so present, so quiet, so welcoming in life's pulsation and flow... I "got" what it is to truly LISTEN with my whole being as if my heart had become an ear... so sensitive, spacious, welcoming. The making of music was shimmering, full of possibility, beautiful beyond description. David is a truly gifted teacher and artist, and has a beautiful, witty sense of humor. This experience was transcendent."

M.C.: "I received both the intellectual and experiential understanding of sound as it vibrates us into existence... it was a continuous awakening to what it is to BE."

N.W., school teacher and Polarity practitioner: "My strongest experience was of David himself-- his shared knowledge, ability to communicate and guide with a great sense of humor--his wordsmithing was a lot of fun... Learning how to breathe sound through my space felt very sacred and sharing in harmony with others' soaring sounds was ecstasty for me. I just wish the workshop was longer... My breath is deeper and more full, my voice has begun to manifest, "this experience" of breathing and listening has brought me closer to real meditation."

B.Q, massage therapist: "The workshop was totally organic-- it fit and everything bloomed like spring!"

K.T., yoga instructor: "David's individual attention to everyone's concerns was excellent, and really helped by gently pushing us beyond self-constructed limits. I regained my voice...not only singing and speaking, but also poetry and writing...after 5 years...Wonderful!"

C.H., social worker: "David's work with the energy/sound of the group was excellent..I liked his organic & spontaneous leadership, allowing more "technical" information to arise in the context of learning. It was a delicious experiencing of entering/joining the vibrational energy of the group."

M.A., artist: "It was amazing to follow the "pathing" in the sound, learning to listen, & BE in Oneness all around, through the portal of harmonic sound. David's expertise, the warmth of his heart and the professional teaching experience were all put together to create an amazing opening. I found a new voice and deeper knowledge of the divine healing power of sound."

C.M.: "For me what was so special was the being in the presence of the harmonic-- both the learning and the experience..."

C.S.: "I felt the power of chant to transcend and to link with others in a pure community of resonance."

J.B.: "This was a golden opportunity to learn to use voice and meditation to deepen anything I want to do in life."

B.Q., massage therapist: "David's teaching reaffirmed and expanded my sense of the power of the divine. It will change my life. It will always be a note, a reminder of how to be "with" others and the universe, and I will use it quite practically in my work."

M.R.: "David is deeply knowledgable. I gained a deeper appreciation of sound, I will never hear and listen in the same way again."

D.H.: I experienced the awareness of being one and becoming a better listener, in loving service to all life."

Y.M., musician: I loved the morning meditations, the breathing exercises, the moving "Pilgrim chant", the silences, the concert...I love David's calm being, voice, clarity, focus with wisdom, his presence. I am grateful to all he has done to bring this to us all. It's a life-changing experience, don't know how to put it into words..."



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