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Le tout nouvel album "Mondes Harmoniques", du DAVID HYKES ET LE CHOEUR HARMONIQUE, est arrivé des Etats-unis. Il est disponible pour 20 euros y compris les frais de port, ainsi que le nouveau DVD de leur concert remarquable à la Cité de l Musique, "Rencontre Harmonique", pour 30 euros y compris les frais de port.

"David Hykes a ouvert une nouvelle dimension dans la musique. Il nous apporte véritablement la musique des sphères... que chaque auditeur se sent humble et au même temps appartenant au grand Tout....La fondation Présence Harmonique diffuse une forme de savoir ù les sciences se joindre à leur niveau le plus subtil, où ce qui semble être matière, se révèle en énergie pure. Cette musique que David Hykes nous apporte de la série harmonique, qui, comme il le dit, est l'ADN musicale, la source de toute la musique que nous connaissons, qui nous donne vie-- elle nous apporte aussi un extraordinaire 'chapitre de genèse' pour Žducation musicale ˆ tous les niveaux." DZONGSAR KHYENTSE RIMPOCHE:

“La musique de David Hykes vous enchante – elle vous transporte. Elle vous amène comme si totalement ailleurs, dans un autre monde, comme allez au Sahara. Elle vous transporte au Temps Ancien.

“Pendant que je cherchais la musique pour mon film <<Voyageurs et Magiciens>>, j'en écoutais tellement. Mais j'ai toujours retourné à celle de David. Du moment que je l'ai entendu, il n'y avait plus de doute."


Hykes founded The Harmonic Choir, the Western world's pre-eminent overtone ensemble, in 1975 and has released 11 recordings with the Choir and his other groups, including the brand-new CD "HARMONIC WORLDS, " "HARMONIC MEDITATIONS," and the legendary "HEARING SOLAR WINDS." These eleven recordings are a unique and acclaimed contemporary source of universal sacred music.

" Hykes explores his ongoing evolution of Harmonic Chant and the harmonic universe in ever-broader and deeper ways. " --Le Monde de la Musique, Paris.

"David Hykes's music is haunting and transporting. It takes you some place like the Sahara desert, somewhere completely otherworldly. It transports you to the ancient time. While searching for music for my film 'Travelers and Magicians' I listened to so many different songs. But I always came back to David's music. From the moment I heard it, there was no doubt." Revered incarnate Tibetan lama Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.

We are grateful for your support in keeping this music and the Harmonic Presence teachings alive. Our international activities and projects can be supported through our not-for-profit organization, The Harmonic Presence Foundation. David Hykes has ongoing teachings and other activities in the USA, France, Denmark, Italy and Switzerland. Please contact us if you'd like more information.

Harmonic Chant is a hymn to Listening, the power of Listening, which is always in the Now. Our meditative and healing sounds work can be a source of deep nourishment in the inner quest for the source of harmony in body, mind and spirit.




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BMG Classics/Catalyst (1996).

"TRUE TO THE TIMES (How to Be?)"

New Albion (1993)


Auvidis (1991)


New Albion (1989)


Celestial Harmonies (1986)


Celestial Harmonies (1984)


Ocora (1983)



David Hykes & the Harmonic Choir.

Ocora/distrib. Harmonia Mundi 1983

Selected among the 10 best recordingsof the year: in Classical Music by Newsweek Magazine; in Pop music by The New York Times; "Choc de la Musique" (Highest rating) in Le Monde de la Musique, France; ffff "Exceptional Event" (Highest rating) in Télérama, France

"In the beginning was the voice... and the voice created space. Here one really has the sensation of a space being created. It is, undoubtedly, something never felt before. In Ocora/Radio France's thirty years of existence, this record has had the most immediate, unexpected and intriguing success. The strangest also: was this cosmic record of the 21st century bought by a horde of extra-terrestrials? All our composers are at the end of their resources. They take refuge in math, machines, and noise. Stealing and copying the "recipes" of African, Balinese, Japanese and Indian music, they produce an indigestible cuisine !! Here we have one who has understood with something more than his head. I will take ONE MINUTE of this music over all the Stockhausens and "Stimmungs" of the world..."

-Alain Swietlik, Télérama, France



Celestial Harmonies (1984)




David Hykes & the Harmonic Choir

Celestial Harmonies (1986)

"The text consists of a few sacred words from the Abrahamic religions with most sections involving vocalizing on vowel sounds. In this abbey, two voices sound like ten. When the harmonics focus, it sounds like ten voices more. The overall effect is one of startling majesty. It is earthy and other-wordly at the same time... I can't help but think how the world would change if five minutes of this were played on Top Forty radio several times a day."

-Andrew Fischer, 1/1

"This music offers attentive listeners a great deal - an active, participatory listening experience that can refine and intensify one's conception and perception of beauty... The music, underlined here and there by the droning of an Indian tanpura or the tolling of a bass drum, attains an im-pressive richness of texture despite the fact that there are never more than three people singing at one time... The mood, shape and substance of the performances conspire to draw the willing listener into an experience that is moving in a spiritual rather than a primarily emotional manner. And the deeper one dives into the music's depths, the more one finds to marvel at."

-Robert Palmer, The New York Times




David Hykes with Djamchid Chemirani, New Albion Records (1989)




David Hykes with Djamchid Chemirani, Auvidis (1991)

Studying North Indian classical vocal music with Smt. Sheila Dhar brought forward David Hykes' interest in melody and vibrations "in" the voice, encompassing everything we call ornamentation, tremolo, vibrato. The pieces from "Windhorse Riders" and "Let the Lover Be" result from a collaboration with master percussionist Djamchid Chemirani, based on the connections between Harmonic Chant, melody and rhythm.The latter CD explores poetic text for the first time, with Rumi translations by Coleman Barks and poems by Hykes.

"The improvisations are technically astonishing, with overtones seemingly descending from outer space, and emotionally gripping. The accompaniment is complex and masterful." -Fanfare

"The intonation of the zarb, played here by its master in exile, Djamchid Chemirani, changes as the hand either stretches or loosens the drum's skin. Mixed with David Hykes' extraordinary double voice, in slow, intense, and controlled improvisations, this incredibly sensitive percussion makes one really shiver." -Anne Rey, Le Monde, France

"The music is full of movement, both melodically and harmonically, much more so than the Tibetan-inspired chant, and Hykes plays with vibrations within the voice as much as the overtones he generates. It is still wondrous to listen to the interplay between the main and harmonic voices - you can listen to one or the other, or let your ears wander between the two. And one short piece, "Right at the Time" utilizes vocal samplings, which promises fascinating music to come." -Option Magazine

"These new works are tremendously dynamic... The "Windhorse Riders" songs catch fire early on and sooner or later fairly blaze with kinetic energy." -James Wierzbicki, St. Louis Post

"The record begins with a single sound evolving into a balance between the vocal melodies' deep quiet, and the zarb's sharp rhythms. The overall structure of this album can lead one towards a state of ecstasy and corresponds perfectly to the intensity of listening held by the audience in Hykes' concerts." -Erik Pigani, Psychologies




David Hykes with Bruno Caillat and Peter Biffin, New Albion (1993)

"David Hykes has, over the past twenty years, magnificently developed the Harmonic Chant, and now explores its essential nature in an ever-widening musical universe." -Franck Mallet, Le Monde de la Musique





BMG Classics/Catalyst 09026-68347-2


Recorded live in concert at The Kitchen, New York City --and simultaneously at Thoronet Abbey, France-- November 10 and 11th, 1995. World premier performances of EARTH TO THE UNKNOWN POWER, BROTHERHOOD RETURNING, AND FLIGHT OF PRAYER. American premier of LE SOUFFLE DU SEIGNEUR, Sufi poems about the Christ.

This recording presents the world premiere of the "Virtual Abbey," developed by John Hobbs and David Hykes. The live sound of the concert was digitally encoded and sent into Le Thoronet Abbey over ISDN telephone lines, played back live through a sound system in the extraordinary Abbey acoustics, then re-encoded and sent back to The Kitchen, placing us "here" within the "Virtual Abbey."


"At Festival in Nice, Contemporary Music Right Before Your Eyes"

"In choosing the theme "Music and multi-media" for the 1995 edition of the Festival MANCA in Nice, the wish of the Festival's director, the composer Michel Redolfi, was above all to underline the strong relationship that has arisen between the two in the past few years. 'Musicians are practitioners of multi-media and interactivity for many years,' Michel Redolfi reminds us; 'in front of this emerging market, the future of sonic creation is more than ever a work-in-progress.'

"Here one could have a glimpse of this indeed vast cultural worksite, hearing and seeing a creative explosion during a week of concerts, presentations, demonstrations and various other forms of sonic exposition. Mention should be made of the very strong presence of a much younger public than usual, curious, hungry for information and contacts with the many artists and media professionals invited for the Festival, from dancers and musicians to programmers. Success!

"In presenting works in many places charged by a strong symbolism or architectural presence, like the gardens of the Fondation Maeght and the Thoronet Abbey, the Festival MANCA realized the importance of going beyond the computer screen to which multimedia works are too often limited, in order to open to much more evocative horizons and spaces....

"The world premiere of the work "EARTH TO THE UNKNOWN POWER" by David Hykes drew several hundred people to the remote Thoronet Abbey for a unique concert experience. Neither stage nor musicians, at least not in the Abbey. The Harmonic Choir, the vocal ensemble directed by the American composer, was in fact some 6500 kilometers away, singing live from "The Kitchen," one of the most prestigious New York venues of the avant-garde. Thanks to a satellite hook-up, the public present in Manhattan could hear the Harmonic Chant enriched by the unique 11-second reverberation of the Abbey.

"Resting upon a veritable technological daring, this sort of concept can reveal itself to be difficult to realize and can involve technological "materiel" awkward to artistically control. . David Hykes knew how to avoid both obstacles, giving preference, in an "on-line" concert of a rare emotional intensity, to the "immateriality" of direct communication, connecting directly with the "server" of the Cosmos."

-Denis Fortier, Le Monde, Paris